art classes

I truly have a teacher's heart.


I share my love of painting in the Paint Something E-courses, encouraging you along the way to find your own authentic creative voice. This voice is key to the growth of your own creative experience. In each of the 3 e-courses available I nurture and inspire this path, guiding you through the creative process so that in the end you feel at ease with the materials and excited to paint more!

You will become.... 

    an ARTIST...a DREAMER....and a DOER. 




in person workshops

I love to invite creatives into my home for workshops. I've hosted all sorts of workshops over the years and will continue once COVID-19 gets to a better situation for all of us. 

I can also come to you for a private paint party, birthday or just an old fashioned Girls Nigh Out.


Email me for details on this opportunity. (I mean, I have a car and can drive now that I have new eyeballs. Prior to that it was a little sketchy. My driving that is.)

I LOVE getting to meet you guys for reals in my workshops and so do my animals. Just a heads up for those of you with allergies and fears

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