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jenni horne

artist   . dreamer . doer

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Fall Bride
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We have very curious animals who are always helping in the studio.


Did you have one of those plastic viewfinders as a child? My creative process is much like having one of those viewfinders in my head at all times. I click from screen to screen as an idea comes into focus. Since I am the one peeking into this viewfinder and can control the next frame, it allows me to focus on one project as long as I need before moving onto the next idea. As a general rule I have at least 3 different projects going at once. Since I work in different mediums one day I might start in the jewelry studio and end at the easel.

"Don't worry about unity from piece to piece, what unifies all of your work is the fact that you made it."  -Austin Kleon
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I enjoy studying different art making practices and take courses online and in person from a wide range of artists to increase my vocabulary. I pray my own art reflects the teachings I've learned, not imitate them. That truth resonates in the work made by my own hands and I honor the fiber of my own thread. It may be dental floss I'm hanging onto at the moment, but it's mine. In my ecourse I teach students not to "lie to the canvas", rather be true to who you are as an artist and paint what you love and your audience will find you. In a world where so much inauthentic work is being made and put out for us to view I would rather make marks from a place of truth and honor. These marks are made to reflect my personal story, those who share my journey and life, and all the things that bring me joy. I find that by sharing myself through art I am able to reach many people, bringing JOY to their lives as well as my own.

this is my family: Mailey, Billy and William
William and Mailey attend the same college which is awesome! And now I teach there so even more awesome! Billy and are totally rocking the empty nesters stage of life. 



I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama in a home where music was the main creative outlet encouraged, learning to play the piano at a very young age, and singing in choirs at both school and church. I love my southern roots and know they have grounded and kept my heart focused on building relationships with people over the years. 


degrees and fancy stuff like that 

I attended Auburn University, majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration in printmaking, always knowing one day I would teach art. Since graduating over 20 years ago, I've taught at each level of public-school art education and at one time owned my own art studio. I currently teach painting at the University of West Georgia. I love sharing my creative thread with you through my art workshops both in person and online.  My handmade jewelry is mostly self-taught, through online courses, books and some live workshops.

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