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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

All goods are hand packaged and shipped to you with loving hands. As a small business owner bringing beautiful handmade goods to you is a priority. All items will be insured for the amount of purchase.

Return & Exchange Policy

I hope you LOVE your purchase and that it brings you or the personal receiving the item great JOY. Please remember that each item is uniquely crafted, most are one-of-a-kind items that can not be perfectly recreated.  "Real art means wonk. If it was perfect it was made by a machine." 


So embrace the wonk in these handmade goods. Knowing that the artist who made your item did so with the kindest of heart, fiercest of mind and bravest of spirit.  


 With all that being said however, if for any reason you need to return the item please contact me personally so I can better assist you in returning the item.

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Send me some email love. Say hi! Or like we say in the south, "Hey y'all!"

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