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art supplies

To make the perfect original painting, handmade jewelry or embark in art workshops,  you need a special art supply. Here are some of my favorite items with links to purchase. 

stabilo pencils.jpg

The Stabilo pencil I talk about alot in the e-courses. I usually order them in white and black.

Here's the link to purchase.

wood panels.jpg

Black gesso is how we prime the surfaces for painting in all my courses. There are many brands out there you can use.

Here's the link to purchase.

milky white.jpg

These cradled wood panels are the best! They come in several depths depending on whether you intend to frame the final piece or not. 

Here's the link to purchase.

steal like an artist.jpg

Austin Kleon's book truly has inspired my work over the years. My personal copy is full of highlights and sticky notes. It's a must read for any artist. You can buy it here on Amazon.


I really like this brand of paint. I have a local Hobby Lobby, but you can also find it online here. (Be sure to browse the variety of sizes and set options too.) This is a must have color in my basket. Here it's called Milky White. Some brands call in unbleached muslin.

show your work.jpg

This is Austin Kleon's second book. Equally as inspiring! You can buy it here on Amazon.

white tracing paper.jpg

Sara's book is one of my studio staples. I've also taken her ecourse. You can purchase the book here on Amazon.

White tracing paper is a must with black canvases. 

Here's the link to purchase

inside my sketchbook (6).jpg

Have you visited my about page yet? Be sure to check out the 10 other things....some my surprise you!

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