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jenni horne

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. southern contemporary artist .

Jenni Horne is an American painter from the south. These roots have grounded her and shaped her artwork into what it is today. Jenni can often be found in her home studio working on multiple pieces at the same time. Her process leads her to create paintings in a series, each series focusing on different subjects. From landscapes to portraits her work is full of color and thoughtful marks. She also creates beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

Jenni lives in a historic home in Newnan, GA. From her front porch she can view the Coweta County courthouse. Being so close to the city's epi-center she states was the best move for this season of life. She shares this home with her husband Billy, college children Mailey and William, dogs Chase and Lawrence and cats Teensy, LJ and Graham Cracker. Her home is full of creative energy with collections of art from her past works as well as work by artists who inspire her. Visitors are always welcome to stop by, sit and have a porch chat. 

Jenni finished her Master of Art and Design in the summer of 2022. She teaches painting and digital photography in a local public high school.

_You can't be content with mastery; you


v. to do something with soul, creativity or love

All the beautiful handcrafted items in my website have been made with the kindest of heart, bravest of soul
and fiercest of mind for you.

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It just tickles me that you have landed here at I hope you will take a full tour and get to know me. Join me in an art class, purchase a necklace or painting, or send me an email saying hi"! I am so glad you are here. And pray the JOY I create resonates within you.

Oh and if you ever find yourself in the sweetest little city of Newnan, GA...ring me and let's have a for reals porch chat!

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