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Bikes and Tandem Bikes

I've been painting bikes a long time. Something about the memory of riding my bike just makes me so happy I wanna paint them! When I was in elementary school we lived across the street from my elementary school. Awesome place to live with a giant playground, basketball courts and of course the summer baseball league where you could watch cute boys play baseball and get a "suicide" drink at the concession stand. In case you aren't familiar with that delightful summer beverage it's a shot of all the sodas on the fountain but it doesn't really count unless Grapico is included. That is the magic of the suicide drink. Angie and I would put on our Daisy Dukes, little red v-neck t-shirts and stay all day on the fields. We really thought we were the bees knees back then.

The 1st bike I remember was a white "dirt bike" complete with racing number on the front. It was so cool. One day the boys set up a ramp in the parking lot. I was fearless and thought oh yeah I can jump that. And I did...jump the ramp...but the lot was sandy so as soon as my dirt tires hit that sandy lot so did my body. OUCH. I remember hopping up and being all "Oh I'm fine!" Whilst dying inside from the road burn and embarrassment. Thankfully we lived right across the street so I didn't have to hobble far to home. Eventually I upgraded to the epic 10-speed with the curly handlebars. It was bright red. Angie and I would ride all over town together. In college I still had a bike...this time a cool green mountain bike so I could ride the trails in Chewacala park in Auburn. But also to get to and from class because back then there was no bus system and parking was a nightmare.. As an art major I am sure I was a site for sore eyes riding down the road with a giant black art portfolio in hand. Fast forward a bunch of years and I gave that bike to a nice homeless man that always helped me at my studio. So the kids got me a bubble gum pink cruiser bike for Mother's day. Worst bike to ride ever...definitely not my fav. Lastly, I have my Giant mountain bike in awesome neon green and blue that I used to ride all the my backyard. Our last home had a hiking/biking trail. It was fabulous. I still ride with Billy on occasion, not as much as I'd like. OH...and the bike was stolen from my back area during COVID but the Newnan police found it at a flea market. Owner said he paid the man $50 for it. Not a smart man. He got in trouble and the guy that stole the bike was evidently a regular at stealing and selling so he is now facing felony charges. He's stolen more than my bike let's just say. That's my bike story. I bet ll of you remember your bikes too...there's something about a bike that just resonates JOY.

I've never tried the tandem bike ride thing. Have you? Oh and have you seen the bike bars? I mean genius. You have all these people sitting around a bar doing the pedaling. Meanwhile the bartender serves you up. I wanna try that.

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