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This house painting is part of a series I completed after an EF4 tornado ripped through my little town of Newnan, Georgia. Our town has been forever called "the City of Homes". With many dated pre-civil war (like my own home) After this devastating tornado the outpouring of love and compassion for our neighbors was in abundance. People came by the 100's to help clear and clean up. Not one person died in this natural disaster. Truly a miracle. So our homes, while they may not look the same now they certainly were HOMES for many and protected so many lives that night. The roofs on every house in this series came from tin I salvaged with permission from a home I helped clear debris from. So when purchasing this you are purchasing a tiny bit of our hearts here in Newnan.  


This is the tiny version of HOPE. It's 6" mixed media on a deep wood panel.


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