This beautiful cicada wing has been pressed between clear glass to show off it's elegant lines. The layering piece is dainty yellow citrine beads.


The pendant is attached to metal chain measuring 26" long. The jump ring is large enough that the pendant can be slipped onto other chain lengths. There are listings for other chain lengths available. The layer piece measures 18" in length. YOu obviously don't have to wear them together but I liked the look of the layering so made a complimentary piece for you.





Cicada Pendant and Layer

  • All pendants have been carefully crafted in my home studio. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

    To clean and fingerprints off use a soft cloth or windex sprayed on a towel first, never the piece itself.

    Never submerge in water. 

    Also, please note that this is glass so being dropped on a hard surface can break the pendant. If it does, place the item in an envelope and return it to me. I will be happy to solder the same finding for you. Accidents happen.  

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